Newest Online Teacher Training Graduate – Judy Frederick

We couldn’t be more excited to share our recent Online Teacher Training graduate story about Judy Frederick!

“I’m 60 years old and called “Princess” by my husband of 41 years, “Mom” by our son, and “Mimi” by our two granddaughters.  My yoga practice at the gym became a priority in 2011 with the passing of my father from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. During yoga, I felt relief as we were reminded to let go and further reminded to focus on the moment. Practicing the asanas and learning to slow my breath in challenging poses has been life-changing resulting in greater physical/mental strength and increased compassion for myself and others.  It became overwhelming apparent to me that I must become a yoga teacher and share these tremendously beneficial concepts of mind/body connection. When I found My Joy Yoga teacher training online, I did not hesitate to enroll.  It’s a perfect fit for me especially since I’m still working and can not take time off to attend training sessions in distant locations.  The video classes are concise and to the point, which really helps my monkey mind stay on task!  Plus, watching the units multiple times reinforces my learning. I also appreciate how quickly the staff communicated with me whenever I had a question. So now, with my 200-hour yoga certification, I’ll go forth and teach at the same gym where my love for yoga began. Looking into the future when I retire from my day job, I want to travel to all of our National Parks and enrich lives through yoga.”

Now that you have heard Judy’s story find out more about our Online Teacher Training program and enrolling here!

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